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Welcome to Halpern Pharmacy, where you’ll find affordable quality solutions for all of your home healthcare needs. We provide a full range of medical equipment, home care supplies, Golden Technology Lift Chairs, EZ Access Ramps, Pride Scooters, Essential Medical Products, Hermell products, Complete Medical Supplies, rehab supplies, a complete range of Littman Stethoscopes, and products from Prestige Medical. We have just what you need.

Halpern Pharmacy also offers a complete selection of support and surgical compression stockings. Halpern represents many companies including Sigvaris, Medi and Juzo . Let one of our staff help you with the right choice.

We have a wide variety of wound care products, including Duoderm, Tegaderm, Aquacel, HealQU, Silvercell, Medihoney, Allevyn, Polymem, Medipore, Cicacare, Calcium Alginate, Adaptic, Xeroform, Comfeel and Cicacare. We also have a wide choice of gauze pads, gauze rolls, and special tape. Athletic tape including Hypafix, Leukotape and Kinesiology tape.

Halpern also accepts all Medicare Part D Plans, Private Commercial Plans, New York State ADAP and EPIC and all Medicaid Managed Care Plans

When you’re recovering from surgery or learning to live with a chronic condition, it’s important to keep your energy focused on your health. You shouldn’t have to worry about your medical supplies or your prescription medications. At Halpern Pharmacy, we’ll do all of that . Stop by and see us.

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